A GuildfordYoga community class
Luci Phipps teaches yoga in Guildford, Bramley and Godalming
Yoga equipment for sale
A group of GuildfordYoga students performing downward dog pose with Luci Phipps adjusting one of the participants
Students relaxing after a yoga workshop.
Personal yoga tuition.
Image of a girl sitting cross-legged with hands in a yoga position.
A healing yoga pose
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GuildfordYoga class timetable

General mixed-ability classes

Venue Times Spring Term 2019 starts Closures Spring Term 2019 ends
Every Monday Guildford (GURC) 6.30-7.45pm 7 Jan 18 Feb 8 April
Guildford (GURC) 7.45-9.00pm 14 Jan 18 Feb 8 April
Every Tuesday St. Mary’s Church, Shalford 9.45-11.00am 8 Jan 19 Feb 9 April
Bramley (Village Hall) 7.00-8.15pm 8 Jan 19 Feb 9 April
Every Thursday Bramley (Village Hall) 9.45-11.00am 10 Jan 21 Feb 4 April
Guildford (GURC) 7.15-8.30pm 10 Jan 21 Feb 4 April
Yoga Therapy classes
Every Tuesday


Every Friday

St. Mary’s Church Shalford


St. Mary’s Church Shalford




15 Jan



11 Jan

19 Feb



22 Feb

9 April



5 April

 Every Monday
Venue Guildford (GURC) Guildford (GURC)
Times 6.30-7.45pm 7.45-9.00pm
Spring Term 2019 starts 7 Jan 14 Jan
Closures 18 Feb 18 Feb
Spring Term 2019 ends 8 April 8 April
Every Tuesday
Venue St. Mary’s Shalford Bramley (Village Hall)
Times 9.45-11.00am 7.00-8.15pm
Spring Term 2019 starts 8 Jan 8 Jan
Closures 19 Feb 19 Feb
Spring Term 2019 ends 9 April 9 April
Every Thursday
Venue Bramley (Village Hall) Guildford (GURC)
Times 9.45-11.00am 7.15-8.30pm
Spring Term 2019 starts 10 Jan 10 Jan
Closures 21 Feb 21 Feb
Spring Term 2019 ends 4 April 4 April
Every Friday and Tuesday
(Yoga Therapy classes)
Venue St. Mary’s Church Shalford
Times 11.15am-12.45pm (Tues class), 11am-12.30pm (Fri class)
Spring Term 2019 starts 15 Jan (Tues class), 11 Jan (Fri class)
Closures 19 Feb (Tues class)

22 Feb (Fri class)

Spring Term 2019 ends 9 April (Tues class), 4 April (Fri class)
  • Monday classes are closed on bank holidays

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