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Follow these links to buy your new yoga equipment from Amazon. All items in the GuildfordYoga shop are my personal recommendations.


Warrior yoga mat The most popular yoga mat, with great cushioning.

Manduka pro® yoga mat 
Consistently voted the best yoga mat available, an investment for committed yogi’s.

Easimat yoga mat
Probably the best value mat ever.

Yoga-Mad Natural Tree Yoga Mat The environmentally friendly option.

Yoga Mat Strap Lightweight alternative to using a yoga bag, fits any sized mat.

Yoga blanket
Light-weight but cosy fleece blanket to keep you warm during relaxation.

Yoga Toe Socks Will keep your feet warm and has grippers on sole (not as good as bare feet but much cosier!)

Yoga Glove
Grips the floor to stop your hands from slipping in Down Dog.

Yoga Belt Essential part of everyday yoga kit.

Bevel-edge yoga block
Amazing value, best shape to assist with standing poses.

Standard yoga block
Best priced, multi-purpose block.

Standard yoga brick 
Best priced brick, useful for back-arching.

Egg-shaped yoga block. Support legs in cross-leg positions but NOT good for back-arching

Yoga wedge
Place this under the heel of the hand to support the wrist in Down Dog.

Yoga Back Arch Helps restore natural flexibility and shape to your spine, also a healthy, caffeine-free pick-me-up

Yoga Easy Arch A gentler version of the standard back arch, with a lower gradient.

Cork Yoga Blocks (2pcs) Environmentally friendly yoga blocks.


I always recommend books over video’s. They provide far better instruction, value for money and you can practice at your own pace. It requires more effort on your part, but you will learn much more and the authors of these books are world leading teachers.

Yoga: The Iyengar Way A really good starter book, shows yoga poses and offers suggestions of how you can work within the pose depending on  your ability level.

The Heart of Yoga: Developing Personal Practice
A classic book covering yoga philosophy (there is no information about yoga postures here).

Light on Yoga - B. K. S. Iyengar

Light on Yoga: The Definitive Guide to Yoga Practice The definitive guide to Iyengar yoga postures. Suitable for serious yogi’s.

Yoga as Medicine: The Yogic Prescription for Health and Healing
Therapeutic approach to yoga, suitable for committed yogi’s.

Woman’s Book of Yoga and Health
A brilliant resource for all women (not just yogi’s) describing how we change during the various phases of our lives and how yoga can help manage these changes.

Asana, Pranayama, Mudra and Bandha
Many yoga books are full of expensively-styled, western-looking models – this isn’t. It is, however, an  excellent, very easy-  to-read, authentic Indian yoga text book.

Yoga Anatomy
Excellent overview of human anatomy, the dynamics of how muscles work and which muscles are being used in each of the main yoga poses. 

Yoga Mind and Body This is also a really good book to start with, shows postures in great detail and touches on yogic breathing and philosophy in the Sivananda tradition.

Yoga Nidra
This amazing relaxation technique is fully explained in modern scientific language. Includes many of the scripts used in the GuildfordYoga Yoga Therapy classes.

Preparing for Birth with Yoga The definitive guide to how yoga can support you during pregnancy written by Janet Balaskas the founder of the Active Birth Movement.

Yoga at Your Wall: Stretch Your Body If you practice yoga regularly at home and are looking for something to help you think differently.

The Power of Now Eckhart Tolle’s account of how to quieten the mind and live in the present, based on ancient yogic wisdom.

The Happiness Hypothesis Intelligent summary and discussion of all literature written on the subject of happiness, ancient and modern. It’s simple conclusions represent a useful guide for living a happier life.

Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers Well written scientific presentation of how stress is caused and what practical steps we can take to avoid it.

Audio (cd/mp3)

Yoga Nidra A deep relaxing meditation technique that has to be experienced to be believed. Restful and healing, yoga nidra is helpful for anyone with illnesses, injuries, stress or anxiety. This recording is one of my favourites.

Yoga Nidra: Extreme Relaxation A different yoga nidra recording with another excellent narrator.


Yoga For Beginners
Patricia Walden is one of the best known and loved yoga teachers in the world, and this is a great introduction to yoga.

Beginners Yoga and Beyond: with Tara Lee
This DVD has 3 x 20 minute routines for you to follow at home.

Elements of Yoga: with Tara Lee (3 Disc Set)
Elements of Yoga, Tara Lee – This is a collection of 3 discs each with several routines, provides more seasoned yogis which a challenge.

Yoga Made Simple-Alexandra Legouix TV sports presenter turned yoga teacher.

Healthcare items

Epsom Salt  Epsom salts are great for relaxing sore muscles and soothing the nervous system.

Ceramic neti pot
Best quality and my favourite neti pot, with full instructions.

Plastic neti pot
Budget neti pot. No instructions, but checkout YouTube how-to video’s.

Nosebuddy neti pot
Amazon customer’s favourite.

Neti pot salt
Recommended for use with neti pots (non-iodized).

Hemp Joint & Muscle Active Relief Gel – provides relief for achines, pains, stiffness, soreness and sprains.

Computer Accessories

AUSDOM Webcam Works with most video conferencing software on most computer hardware. It’s the webcam I use, both the camera and integrated microphone are excellent.

Logitech PC/phone speakers If the sound on your computer isn’t very loud or clear, these are a good low cost solution.

Can’t find what you want here? Feel free to email me for further recommendations.

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