FAQs about GuildfordYoga

FAQs about GuildfordYoga

Find the answers to all the frequently asked questions (faqs) about GuildfordYoga here or if you have any further questions feel free to email me.

I am a beginner, is it okay to come to the group classes?

Yes – we all need to start somewhere! Let me know when you arrive, so I can check that you are happy with everything and offer suggestions if required.

I’ve never practiced yoga online and I’m not good with computers – how does it work?

The online Zoom classes are much easier to navigate that you might expect. Full details are given on the Online Group Yoga Classes page and on the confirmation email that you will receive when you book a class.

What should I wear to yoga classes?

Comfortable, stretchy clothing that is neither too tight nor too baggy. Bare feet. Check out the clothing available on the Buy Yoga Equipment page.

I am pregnant, can I join the group classes?

Yes – pregnant ladies are welcome if all is progressing normally. Yoga is very helpful in preparing the body for birth and motherhood, however certain postures aren’t appropriate or need modification during pregnancy. Please let me you are pregnant when you arrive so that I can advise you appropriately.

I’ve been practicing yoga for sometime, will the group classes be challenging for me?

I always offer opportunities to work more strongly (or gently) within a posture so you can practice at your own pace and level. With over 28 years experience practising and teaching, I can usually offer even well seasoned yogi’s something new and challenging to try.

What style of yoga is taught at GuildfordYoga?

My experience and training spans many yoga styles. Including: Iyengar, Sivananda, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Vini-yoga and yoga therapy. My unique style of teaching incorporates elements of all these styles tailored to students. My classes combine precision and alignment of the spine and limbs, whilst developing muscle strength and flexibility, go ahead and see the Types of Class page to learn more.

How many people are there in a class and what ages are they?

Classes are drop-in, so numbers vary and the age range is very broad (teenagers to 75+). Yoga is non-competitive and we work at our own pace, so age isn’t important. Women and men are both welcome.

What books, DVD’s or online resources do you recommend to help me practice at home?

See my recommendations on the Buy Yoga Equipment page.

Why do yoga teachers use strange words in class?

Yoga was devised in ancient India and written in the Sanskrit language. Many teachers still choose to use the traditional Sanskrit names for certain poses or techniques as they are often less cumbersome and more accurate than modern day descriptions. Learn more about yoga here.

What are the differences between the various yoga styles?

Most forms of Hatha Yoga are broadly similar. The differences lie in the way the postures are put together, the length of time the poses are held and the degree of emphasis put on relaxation, pranayama (yogic breathing), meditation and structural alignment. There is more information about yoga styles on the About Yoga page.

How do you use my personal data?

 If you want to know more about how your personal data will be used see the GuildfordYoga Privacy Policy.

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