Yoga Workshops in Bramley, Guildford

Deepen your yoga practice with GuildfordYoga workshops

These yoga workshops are held on Sunday mornings in Bramley Village Hall, Guildford at regular intervals of 6-8 weeks. Currently workshops are being held online.

As a longer session of 2.5 hours, the workshops allow you to deepen your yoga practice, covering postures and techniques that cannot be accommodated in the regular group classes. Each workshop covers a different topic, so feel free to ask if there is something you’d like to focus on in a future workshop.

Workshop places are limited so prior booking is highly recommended.

The next workshop…

Date: Sunday 24 January
Time: 10am-12.30pm
Price: £30* booking recommended as spaces are limited
Location: Online
: Boost your metabolism

Over the winter months we feel a little sluggish, lacking in energy and in need of a boost. So why not join us for this energising workshop? We’ll focus on practices to stimulate the body starting with Bhastrika, invigorating breath work. We’ll continue with sun salutations and standing poses to speed up metabolism and burn fat. Backbends, abdominal stretches and twists to stimulate the gut, liver and kidneys so enhancing the body’s natural de-toxing processes. We’ll slow down with calming forward bends and then finish with a deep relaxation to restore energy levels.

  • Suitable and beneficial for all, except pregnant ladies.

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  • PayPal charge 4% for their service, alternatively you can pay me directly, please email for details
  • 24 hours notice is required to receive a full refund.

Future dates for yoga workshops in Bramley

Sunday workshops in 2021, all 10am-12.30pm

21 March, 9 May, 27 June, 19 September, 21 November

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“… thank you for January’s workshop which I attended. I obviously did something to thoroughly ‘de-tox’, as I’ve discovered that I am now pregnant!”

– Lucinda