Zoom Rewind Classes

With these recorded versions of a live Zoom class – you can repeat a class that you particularly enjoyed or join at a time to suit you if you aren’t able to attend at the scheduled time. Choose the class you want, pay using the buttons below and I’ll send you a link within 24 hours (this system isn’t automatic yet!) You can repeat watch as many times as you like, videos will be removed 2 weeks after they have been posted.

26 November – Holistic – Opening Poses £5

Holistic class aimed at releasing tight muscles and fascial tissue to create deep openings and breathing into them.

24 November – Mixed Ability – Protect the body £5

Mixed ability session focussing on all the fine details required to protect your body from injury as you practice poses that challenge the spine, hips and legs. Lots of attention on core engagement and feet, leg and hip alignment.

24 November – Yoga Therapy – Protect the body + Yoga Nidra £7

Yoga therapy session focussing on all the fine details required to protect your body from injury as you practice the poses. Lots of attention on the core and pose alignment.

Yoga Nidra Only – Golden Door £3

Journey into your subconscious with the blissfully restful practice of yoga nidra – a 30 minute break from your everyday.

19 November – Holistic – Shoulders £5

Holistic Class – with an emphasis on stretching out all the muscles of the neck, shoulders and deep muscles of the upper back. Plus, viloma pranayama – a stepped breathing practice to develop fine control of all the muscles associated with breathing.

17 November – Yoga Therapy – Upper Back and Neck + Yoga Nidra £7

Yoga therapy class with a focus on releasing tension in the upper back and neck whilst strengthening all the variety of muscles that maintain good upper back posture.

Yoga Nidra Only – Time £3

Yoga Nidra meditation – Re-trace your steps and travel back in time.

17 November – Mixed ability – Shoulders and Neck £5

Mixed ability class with a focus on reducing tension in tight upper back, neck and shoulder muscles, whilst strengthening those same muscles to improve upper body posture and reduce aches and pains.

Yoga Nidra Only – Objects £3

Yoga Nidra meditation. Deeply relaxing visualisation practice.