Zoom Rewind Classes

With these recorded versions of a live Zoom class – you can repeat a class that you particularly enjoyed or join at a time to suit you if you aren’t able to attend at the scheduled time. Choose the class you want, pay using the buttons below and I’ll send you a link within 24 hours (this system isn’t automatic yet!) You can repeat watch as many times as you like, videos will usually be removed 2 weeks after they have been posted.

6 May – Holistic – Whole Body – £5

Holistic class starting with viloma, the stepped breath, plus yin stretches for the whole body.

4 May – Mixed Ability – Shoulder Mobility – £5

We practice lots of poses and variations of poses to improve shoulder mobility in this mixed ability session.

4 May – Yoga Therapy – Side Body Balance + Yoga Nidra £7

In this yoga therapy session we work on opening the side of the legs, hips, waist, ribs and arms – helping the re-balance the body from the lop-sidedness that occurs as a result of being dominant on one side (right or left handed).

Yoga Nidra Only – Dawn – £3

Yoga Nidra meditation including an uplifting and inspiring sunrise in the mountains visualisation.

29 April – Holistic – Pelvis – £5

Stretch all the deep muscles in and around the pelvis with this holistic class.

27 April – Mixed Ability – Abdomen – £5

Abdominal strengthening mixed ability class – highlighting the poses that work each of the main muscle groups: transverse abdominals, abdominis rectus, and the internal/external obliques.

27 April – Yoga Therapy – Breathing + Yoga Nidra £7

Detailed yoga therapy class exploring the muscles used in breathing, how to access and strengthen them and practicing yoga poses specifically designed to assist in doing this even without focussed attention.

Yoga Nidra Only – Ripples £3

Yoga Nidra relaxation meditation. This guided meditation practice involves a number of steps including the withdrawal of your senses, setting your intention (or Sankulpa), taking a body scan, a breathing practice and a peaceful visualisation. You’ll end this practice feeling deeply relaxed physically and mentally.

Yoga Nidra Only – Gratitude £3

Yoga Nidra meditation to develop gratitude. Specifically developing thankfulness for our body and our breath.

Yoga Nidra Only – Rainbow £3

Yoga Nidra – guided meditation and visualisation. A deeply relaxing practice that feels like a good night’s sleep in just 30 minutes.

Yoga Nidra Only – Sensations £3

Yoga Nidra meditation paying particular attention to sensations felt within the body.

Yoga Nidra Only – Witness Thoughts £3

Learn to view your thoughts from the perspective of an observer. Witness the process of thoughts being generated and then passing by, just as you would watch clouds floating in the sky – from a distance and without becoming involved.

Yoga Nidra Only – Golden Egg £3

Yoga Nidra guided meditation with golden egg visualisation.

Yoga Nidra Only – Feelings £3

Guided yoga nidra meditation exploring your emotional feelings. Deeply restful and healing.

Yoga Nidra Only – Asanas £3

Yoga Nidra – a deeply restful guided meditation includes breathing and visualisation practices and it acts as a catalyst for change.

Yoga Nidra Only – Thoughts £3

Yoga Nidra meditation. Take the role of an observer, watching and witnessing the process of thought generation. Noticing this random and spontaneous process encourages the mind to become more detached from the thoughts. You’ll end this practice with a new perspective about the mental chatter that can keep you from living in the moment.

Yoga Nidra Only – Leap of Faith £3

Yoga Nidra relaxing meditation practice. Trust your inner guide and take a leap of faith.

Yoga Nidra Only – Mountain £3

Yoga Nidra meditation. Visualise yourself overcoming the obstacles that block the path to achieving your greatest desires.

Yoga Nidra Only – Heavy and Light £3

Deeply restful yoga nidra meditation practice. Take a journey in your mind to a place where your body feels light as a feather.

Yoga Nidra Only – The VIP £3

Restful and insightful Yoga Nidra practice. Meet your inner guide.

Yoga Nidra Only – Golden Door £3

Journey into your subconscious with the blissfully restful practice of yoga nidra – a 30 minute break from your everyday.

Yoga Nidra Only – Time £3

Yoga Nidra meditation – Re-trace your steps and travel back in time.

Yoga Nidra Only – Objects £3

Yoga Nidra meditation. Deeply relaxing visualisation practice.

Yoga Nidra Only – Park £3

Yoga Nidra meditation. Take a walk through a beautiful park and find peace and harmony. Deeply restful and restorative practice to stimulate physical and mental healing.