A group of GuildfordYoga students performing downward dog pose with Luci Phipps adjusting one of the participants
Students relaxing after a yoga workshop.
Personal yoga tuition.
Image of a girl sitting cross-legged with hands in a yoga position.
Yoga equipment for sale
A healing yoga pose
A GuildfordYoga community class
Luci Phipps teaches yoga in Guildford, Bramley and Godalming

Online Yoga Classes

GuildfordYoga Online classes use Zoom video conferencing software. These live classes are very much like a studio class – with the added benefit that you can practice in the comfort of your own home and everyone gets a front row seat. The technology is easier to use that you may imagine. Please consult the GuildfordYoga Class Timetable page to see which classes are currently being offered online and to book/pay.

Check out the points below with hints and tips on how to make the most of the experience.


1. Download Zoom video conferencing software here. It is quick, easy, safe and free for you to use. 

2. Arrange your computer and mat so that you can see the screen easily and position yourself so I can see your mat and whole body. Don’t forget to turn on the audio and video so that we can see and hear each other.

3. Turn on your lights, even during the daytime, I can see you better if you are well illuminated.

4. Have equipment to hand, if you don’t have a yoga mat or blocks – carpet, books and rolled-up towels work just fine!


1. You will need to email me to book and then pay for the class in advance, you can do this from the GuildfordYoga Class Timetable page.

Class structure

I’ll send an email ‘invitation’ to join the meeting 10-15 minutes before the class starts. Remember to refresh your email page and check your spam folder if you don’t receive it. Once you receive the invitation, either:

  1. click directly on the link and you’ll be taken directly to the meeting OR
  2. paste the link into your browser, which should also take you to the class. You may need the meeting ID/password, included in the invitation email.
  3. You will need to turn on your audio and video when prompted.

If you have difficulty in joining, close down the dialogue box and try again. The link can be re-used.

Using Zoom

1. Scroll around the screen using your cursor to find:

Audio (bottom left), chat (bottom centre), end meeting (bottom right) and gallery/speaker view (top right).

2. Pressing the gallery/speaker view options allows you to toggle between viewing the whole class as small equal sized squares or have just the main speaker filling the screen.

3. Once the class begins, all participant microphones will be switched off (otherwise it’s very noisy). If you have questions you can turn your microphone on.