Luci Phipps teaches yoga in Guildford, Bramley and Godalming
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Yoga Workshops in Guildford

Deepen your yoga practice with GuildfordYoga workshops

These are held on Sunday mornings in Bramley Village Hall, Guildford every 6-8 weeks.

As a longer session (2.5 hours) workshops allow you to deepen your yoga practice, covering postures and techniques that cannot be accommodated in the regular group classes. Each workshop covers a different topic, just ask if there is something you’d like to focus on.

Workshop places are limited so prior booking is highly recommended.

The next workshop…

Date: Sunday 22 September 2019
Time: 10am-12.30pm
Cost: Early-bird £22 (before 17 September) £28 thereafter, booking recommended
Location: Bramley Village Hall
: Rejuvenate your spine!

Our back muscles can get tired, stiff, tense, achy or even downright painful. Stretching the deep muscles of the back can give delicious release from these unpleasant sensations. Animals, especially cats and dogs, stretch out their spines regularly and instinctively but we humans have become disassociated from our bodies as we have evolved, spending more time thinking and less time feeling and consequently we’ve lost the innate knowledge of how to do this. Yoga was designed to reintroduce us to our own body, to help us feel comfortable in our own skin. This workshop will explore poses that help us feel good, feel comfortable and give release from the tightness that arises from every day living.

  • Suitable and beneficial for all.
  • Equipment supplied but bring a blankets.
  • To reserve your place at the early-bird price complete the booking form  and return with payment by 17 September.
  • Payment options: cash or cheque (payable to Luci Phipps) in class or pay online.

Future dates for GuildfordYoga workshops

In 2019: 10 November


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“… thank you for January’s workshop which I attended. I obviously did something to thoroughly ‘de-tox’, as I’ve discovered that I am now pregnant!”
– Lucinda