Personal yoga tuition.
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Private Yoga Classes

It’s all about you!

If you have specialist needs or just prefer to have one-to-one tuition in the comfort of your own home then private yoga classes are for you.

Once we’ve discussed what you’d like to achieve with yoga, I’ll design a bespoke practice just for you.

A typical session includes:

  • Yoga breathing (pranayama) – we start the class with a calming breath practice to relax your body and still your mind.
  • Gentle stretching – you’ll soften muscles and mobilise joints with some warm up poses. Freeing the spine and massaging aches and pains away feels good.
  • Strengthening – stronger postures follow, to challenge the body. You’ll perform: forward and backwards bends, side stretches, twists, balances and inversions. With so many poses to choose from there is always the possibility of working more strongly or gently as required.
  • Relaxation – we finish with a short relaxation and meditation to restore your energy so that you can resume your daily life completely refreshed.

The details:

  • Clothing – wear soft, comfortable and warm clothing that fits well. You’ll practice in bare feet.
  • Equipment – I can provide whatever is needed, if required. We’ll need a warm room preferably with natural light.
  • Preparation – it is best to practice on an empty stomach. A quiet, peaceful environment will help you to listen to your body and breath, so plan ahead to ensure there are no interruptions during your session.
  • Private tuition fees – classes last 1 hour 15 minutes and a travel time of 20 minutes each way is included, a supplement may be added if you live further away.

Individual or couple from £60
Private group (up to 8 people) from £80
Large group or corporate rate (up to 25 people) from £95

  • Cancellation Policy – please give at least 24 hours notice of cancellation, without which a cancellation fee equal to the class fee will apply.

Contact me to arrange a convenient time for your first session.

“Luci has truly changed my life and I feel privileged to be taught by her. She works so cleverly and carefully with my body, injuries and emotions… she is both patient and encouraging.”
– Tamara

A yoga student in private class doing downward pose

“Luci tailors her sessions to work on your areas of focus, whether it be posture, relaxation or overall physical wellbeing. She makes you feel totally at ease with the yoga poses and a session with Luci is time very well spent.” 

– Sarah

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