Image of a girl sitting cross-legged with hands in a yoga position.
A group of GuildfordYoga students performing downward dog pose with Luci Phipps adjusting one of the participants
Yoga equipment for sale
Students relaxing after a yoga workshop.
A GuildfordYoga community class
A healing yoga pose
Personal yoga tuition.
Luci Phipps teaches yoga in Guildford, Bramley and Godalming
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GuildfordYoga class timetable

General mixed-ability classes

Venue Times Autumn Term starts Closures Autumn Term ends
Every Monday Guildford (GURC) 6.30-7.45pm 10 Sept 10 Dec
Guildford (GURC) 7.45-9.00pm 10 Sept 10 Dec
Every Tuesday St. Mary’s Church, Shalford 9.45-11.00am 11 Sept 23 Oct 11 Dec
Bramley (Village Hall) 7.00-8.15pm 11 Sept 11 Dec
Every Thursday Bramley (Village Hall) 9.45-11.00am 13 Sept 25 Oct 13 Dec
Guildford (GURC) 7.15-8.30pm 13 Sept 15 Nov 13 Dec
Yoga Therapy classes
Every Tuesday


Every Friday

St. Mary’s Church Shalford


St. Mary’s Church Shalford




11 Sept



14 Sept

23 Oct



26 Oct

11 Dec



14 Dec

Every Monday
Venue Guildford (GURC) Guildford (GURC)
Times 6.30-7.45pm 7.45-9.00pm
Autumn Term starts 10 Sept 10 Sept
Autumn Term ends 10 Dec 10 Dec
Every Tuesday
Venue St. Mary’s Shalford Bramley (Village Hall)
Times 9.45-11.00am 7.00-8.15pm
Autumn Term starts 11 Sept 11 Sept
Closures 23 Oct
Autumn Term ends 11 Dec 11 Dec
Every Thursday
Venue Bramley (Village Hall) Guildford (GURC)
Times 9.45-11.00am 7.15-8.30pm
Autumn Term starts 13 Sept 13 Sept
Closures 25 Oct 15 Nov
Autumn Term ends 13 Dec 13 Dec
Every Friday and Tuesday
(Yoga Therapy classes)
Venue St. Mary’s Church Shalford
Times 11.15am-12.45pm (Tues class), 11am-12.30pm (Fri class)
Autumn Term starts 11 Sept (Tues class),14 Sept (Fri class)
Closures 23 Oct (Tues class)

26 Oct (Fri class)

Autumn Term ends 11 Dec (Tues class), 14 Dec (Fri class)
  • Monday classes are closed on bank holidays

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